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Africa Ya Rona Studio - This Africa of ours

Our name seeks to capture the essence of the ethos at the Africa Ya Rona Studios in Bapsfontein. Based on the African cultural strength of community; Africa Ya Rona is a place where people living in community, share skills, ideas, techniques and a common purpose for the common good.

This ethos worked well for the highly successful Tengene Sculpture community founded in Zimbabwe; from which hundreds of self- employed artists have carried their message to all corners of the globe. Africa Ya Rona seeks to emulate this success in South Africa in an effort to provide opportunities for self- employment, as well as nurturing South African talent.

The idea of development and training by the community for the community means anyone able to produce saleable goods after a term of training will then be taught basic business skills and encouraged to leave the community to start another, in a different area, thereby spreading skills and creativity. More than twenty thousand people in Zimbabwe earn a living through art creation, it is our aim to improve on those figures in South Africa whilst creating hand crafted, articles of high beauty, sculptured from South African stone in this Africa of ours.

Our vision requires funding, for the community and the artists. Farm Inn, in Tshwane have stepped up to the plate and generously offered to provide the community with a beautiful exhibition and gallery area. As far back at 1990, it was said of the art emanating from Zimbabwe:

This is the birth of a great national art, capable of speaking about the whole of creation, from personal and family feeling, to the world of spirit, soul and self. It is a thrilling adventure of contemporary art". Art's Review, London, 1990 (Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, United Kingdom)    

We would like to see this kind of positive history repeat itself in South Africa.

-All pieces are available for purchase.

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The Sculpture GardenThe Sculpture GardenThe Sculpture Garden